Beekeepers in Bethesda, MD

This mailing list is primarily of interest to beekeepers who manage hives in the general area of Bethesda, MD (USA) and beekeepers whose "Bee Fly Zone" (BFZ) intersects with that area. The ZIP codes for this area are: 20812, 20814, 20815, 20816, 20817, 20818, 20892, 20894, 20889. Your BFZ is a radius of approximately three miles around your apiary locations.

All beekeeping is local. The intent of this list is not to repeat or replace the mailing lists of the MCBA, DCBA, NVBA, MSBA, EAS ... all organizations worth belonging to and participating in. When considering which mailing list or community to post to, or ask a question of, you need to consider what is most appropriate. You will probably get more useful responses to a general question or comment from a broader audience.

On the other hand, questions or discussions about problems that are impacting your hives locally :
- Communicating with nearby beekeepers about beekeeping methods and challenges
- What are we seeing in bloom in our area
- Borrowing woodenware, treatments, even a frame of brood in a pinch
- Collaborating on IPM methods and treatments
- Group ordering to take advantage of bulk pricing
- Car-pooling to club meetings or other events of interest
- Finding nearby "bee buddies" or mentors

... that sort of thing is exactly why this list exists.

This is also a trial / prototype of what Phil Frank calls "hyper-local beekeeping groups."  We live in a very beekeeper-dense region like Montgomery County / Washington DC / Northern Virginia, but there are significant differences between beekeeping methods in the urban areas and the rural areas ... and sometimes it is good to know who is keeping bees really near you.

The usual "netiquette" applies -- please keep conversations civil, and at least peripherally related to beekeeping. Trim responses to remove stuff that is not relevant to your response, and trim off all the cruft added by the lists, signature processing, etc.

To contact the list owners, use the following email address: [email protected]

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